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In the following please find a glossary of the most important terms in the field of plasma physics.

Note: In order to find words you are looking for, please use the search function of your browser (press CTRL+F at the same time and enter your searchword) or simply click on the letters of the alphabet below to find the corresponding terms beginning with this letter.

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13.56 MHz
2.45 GHz,   27.12 MHz
40 kHz
ABS,   Acid,   Acrylic,   Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene - ABS
,   Activation,   Active species,   Adhesion,   Adhesion promoters,   Adhesive Strength
,   Adsorption,   AFM,   Aluminium,   Aluminium Oxide,   Anisotropic,   Anode,   Antiadhesive layers,   Applications,   Arc,   Areas of application,   Argon (Ar),   Auger effect,   Automotive engineering
Barrel reactor,   Barrelling
,   Barrier layers,   Base Material for Printed Circuit Boards
,   Baskılı devre plakaları için temel malzemeler
,   BGA,   Bias voltage,   Binding energy,   Bonding
Case hardening,   Cathode,   Chamber,   Charge-exchange collision,   Chemical etching,   Chemisorption,   Chromium,   Circuit board,   Cleaning,   Cleaning,   Cleaning aluminium,   Cleaning copper,   Coating,   Coating adhesion,   Coating Aluminium,   Coating thickness,   Coil Coating,   Components of plasma systems,   Contact angle,   Copper,   Corona discharge,   Corrosion,   Corrosion Protection
,   Cratering,   Cross-cut tape test,   CVD
Degreasing,   Desmear process,   Desorption,   Direct current source / alternating voltage source,   DLC layers,   Downstream reactor,   Duplex surface engineering
Easy-to-Clean-coatings,   Electrode,   Electron,   Electron volt,   Electronegative plasma,   Electropositive plasma,   Epilam coats,   Epitaxy,   Epoxy Resins
,   ESCA,   Etching,   Etching mask,   Etching of glass,   Etching of PCBs,   Ethylene-Propylene-(Diene)-Copolymer - EP(D)M
Finish,   Flame cleaning,   Flame Plasma Treatment,   Fluorescent tube,   Fluxing agent,   Foil treatment,   Functionalization
Gallium Arsenide,   Gas discharge,   GDOS,   Generator,   Glass,   Glow
Hard coatings,   HMDSO,   Hydrogen,   Hydrophilic layers,   Hydrophilicity,   Hydrophobic,   Hydrophobic layers
IC,   Impregnation
,   Induction,   Inductive plasma,   Industrial pretreatment,   Interfacial Tension
,   Ion,   Ion Beam Etching
,   Ion implantation,   Ion measuring sensor,   Ion plating,   Ionization,   Isotope,   Isotropic
LABS test,   Langmuir probe,   Lead frame,   LIGA process,   Lightning discharge,   Liquid Crystal Polymers - LCP
,   Lithography,   Low pressure plasma
Magazine,   Magnetic mirror,   Magnetron,   Mask,   Mean free path length,   MEMS,   Metal,   MFC / Mass-Flow-Controller,   Microsandblasting,   Microwave technology,   Modification
,   Neon light tube,   Neutron,   Non neutral plasmas,   Nucleon
OAUGDP,   Optical coatings,   overetching,   Oxygen
PACVD,   Painting,   Painting of plastics,   Parallel plate reactor,   Passivating Layer
,   PCB,   PE (Polyethylene),   Peeling,   Permeation,   Photon,   photoresist,   Physical etching,   Physisorption,   Pirani sensor,   Plasma,   Plasma asher,   Plasma boriding,   Plasma carbonitriding,   Plasma carburising,   Plasma chemistry,   Plasma cleaner,   Plasma colour,   Plasma diffusion,   Plasma etcher,   Plasma etching,   Plasma hardening,   Plasma nitriding,   Plasma nitrocarburising,   Plasma polymerisation,   Plasma spray coating,   Plasma technology,   Plasmaasher,   Plasmacleaner,   Plasmaetcher,   Plastic,   Plastic coating,   Polyacrylonitrile - PAN
,   Polyamide (PA),   Polyamide - PA
,   Polyamide Thermoplastic Elastomer - PA-TPE
,   Polybutene - PB
,   Polybutylene Terephthalat (PBT),   Polycarbonate (PC),   Polycarbonate - PC
,   Polyethylene - PE
,   Polyethylene terephthalat (PET),   Polyethylene Terepthalate - PET
,   Polymerization,   Polymethacrylimide - PMI
,   Polymethyl Methacrylate - PMMA
,   Polyolefins,   Polyoxymethylen (POM),   Polyphenylene Sulphide - PPS
,   Polypropylene (PP),   Polypropylene - PP
,   Polystyrene (PS),   Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE),   Polytetrafluoroethylene - PTFE
,   Polyvinylchloride - PVC
,   Polyvinylfluoride - PVF
,   Positive column,   Preparation before sticking,   Pretreatment,   Principle of plasma process,   Printed circuit board,   Printing Process
,   Process gas,   Proton,   PUR PU Flexible Foam
,   PUR PU Rigid Foam
,   PVC,   PVC-U - Rigid PVC
Reactive ion plating (RIP),   Recipient,   Release agent residues,   Release agents,   RIE,   Roots pump,   Rotary drum,   Rotary vane pump
SEM,   Sheath,   Silicon,   Silicon carbide,   Silicon dioxide,   Silicon nitride,   Silicone,   Silver,   SIMS,   Small flanges,   Soldering,   Sputtering,   Stainless steel,   Sticking,   Sticking in automotive engineering,   Sticking of glass,   Sticking PE,   Sulfur hexafluoride,   Surface energy,   Surface oxide,   Surface radical,   Surface technology
,   Tesla,   Test ink,   Tetrafluoromethane,   Thornton diagram,   Titanium carbide,   Titanium nitride,   TOF-SIMS,   Trench,   Turbomolecular pump
Ultraviolet,   UV radiation
Vapour Deposition,   Varnish spreading deficiency test
Wet Method
,   Wetting,   Wetting Test
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